A memoir of my mischievous older brother

Headshot of my brother in his mid-30's, balding, bearded, with a warm closed-mouth smile

Encephalitis had destroyed my brother’s short-term memory years earlier, but we had fallen out of touch, and I didn’t know about it until the summer of 2017. He was like Guy Pearce in Memento, and could remember very little of his life after the late 1960’s.

The most painful part…

Believing the lie

Memoir of increasingly difficult personal relationships with men showing the lifelong effects of childhood sexual abuse, spousal emotional abuse, and male dominance.

Middle-aged father and bride wedding photo

BIG DADDY SYNDROME: Believing the lie (memoir)

NOTE: This is a serialized book. While most chapters can be read as independent stories, if you don’t read them all…

Benched for Being Female

Memoir of increasingly difficult professional relationships with men as a software developer at a major corporation in the 1980s and 1990s

Young attractive professional woman passport photo

Author’s Notes

Glossary (Acronyms and buzzwords in the story)

Chapter 1. “Don’t You Remember?”
Part One — A Reservoir of Residual Rage
Part Two — Musical Bosses

Chapter 2…

When you’re so frustrated, a rant just won’t do it. You must write a poem!

[Excerpt from Not a TEAM Player, memoir, by Edie Postiglione]

Purple velvet bag with gold drawstring for casino chips with “TEXPO ’88” embossing in gold.

Chapter 71 Risky Business (deleted chapter)

1989. Since the project that was supposed to have taken our group six months to complete was finished in less than a day, the boss, now Don Diggins, told me to work with the…

The question elicited an immediate recollection of “Would You Like to Sleep with Hunter Gilmore?”

May 1979. “Edie, would you stop by my office when you get a chance?” my boss asked.

Gary Levy wasn’t my boss anymore; it was Bill Stoltz now. Management had done another rotate-and-shift of supervisors a few months earlier. I’d been disappointed to lose Gary, but I’d been warned during…

Edie, 32, lets a 27-year-old man move in, unaware of his three divorces, jealous nature, mental issues, gun, and access to cocaine.

Young woman with short hair and young man, wearing t-shirts and smiling

March 1980. Keith Turner, good-looking twenty-seven-year-old guy at work, walked by one afternoon as I was standing in the corridor talking about racquetball with a coworker. He joined in the conversation and challenged me to a game. I had been picking up vibes from him for a couple weeks and…

Dean invites Edie to an elite engagement party. The wives outclass her, but the host, part owner of a graduate school, spends time with her.

Grade report from Keller Graduate School of Business Fall of 1982

February 1980. Dean was calling again, and as usual, things picked up right where they had left off. We could go for months without seeing each other, but the next time we were together, it was as if we’d never been apart. Dean never called just to talk. If he…

A diamond-toothed, multi-millionaire pilot helps Edie look for land from the air and delivers practical lessons on life and morality.

November 1979. After the long eighteen-hour drive with Cindy, I called Pitt Streker from the first pay phone I found in Blakeley Falls. “Hello, Pitt?” I said. “This is Edie Kline. I’m a friend of Bob Pawluk. He said I should look you up if I ever came into town…

Edie Postiglione

Edie survived child molestation, rape, 23 yrs of a male-dominated career, and emotional collapse. She now laughs, writes, sews, plays piano, makes magic wands…

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